Have any of you stopped to admire the spring flowers?

One of the benefits of the typically cool and rainy month of April is an array of spring flowers that blossom in cool soil and do not thrive during the hot sunny days of summer.   Springtime flowers are some of the most beautiful and a welcome reward after enduring the brown and foliage-barren landscape of March and early April.

Some common first flowers of spring include:

  • Crocuses (this was the first plant to flower this March in my parents’ garden and was in full bloom during our egg hunt)


  • Forsythia (in Cabbagetown, Toronto, Canada, the forsythia is considered the first floral sign of spring and an annual festival exists in its honour)


  • Ranunculus (also known as the buttercup)
  • Tulips
  • Hyacinth (Grape Hyacinth shown below)


  • Bluebells


  • Tulip Trees


What are your favourite spring blooms? Which ones do you grow yourself? Do you plant the bulbs or seedlings? Which do you prefer for indoor vase arrangements?


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